The Mumpreneur: Internet Marketing Tips for Stay-at-Home Mums

Are you a mum who’s looking for extra cash opportunities? Thanks to digital marketing, you can earn cash and support your husband’s income without leaving your home. And if you are a single mother, this home-based business can help you perform your multiple roles—child rearing, homemaking, and financing your expenses at home. What’s more, it does not require much investment. You only need a computer with internet connection to be able to start your business.

Internet marketing is a relatively new business field, but it has helped not only stay-at-home mums but also students and even full-time workers like me. Here are a few tips for the aspiring mumpreneurs:

1. Choose a business model or niche market.

Determine what you want to sell. Make sure that it is something you are knowledgeable and passionate about. Do you want to use your expertise in designing websites? Or perhaps, you want to set up an online wedding planning service. The decision is up to your preferences.

2. Learn the basics of internet marketing.

Read online articles, blog posts, and forums that discuss the ins and outs of Internet marketing. A lot of experts in this field have shared their knowledge, and it is best to take a cue from them.

3. Consider affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the branches of Internet marketing. This involves setting up a website that features the products or services of a merchant. You get a commission for every click or product sold, depending on your agreement with the merchant.

4. Stay focused and organized.

Time will be the greatest challenge in your home-based business. Make a daily and weekly schedule of all the things you need to do, whether they are for the business or for your housekeeping responsibilities. The ability to manage your time wisely is crucial as well to your internet marketing success.