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Working on putting up more layouts, and maybe I will get to more content besides that. Once I get more things on here I will start advertising it around so to speak. 10/7/22

Put up the layout and need to fix the pop-up window in it and it's all done, then onto more layouts, then eventually organizing them by type. 1/13/22

Got the Contacts page to work, and have zipped a layout, almost done. 12/22/21

Contact page up and running, but it doesn't match just yet. Several layouts are being done behind the scenes, I'm just trying to get everything functional first. 12/19/21

Finally got the page coded well enough. Onto Contacts and Layouts. 11/17/21

Refresher 11/16/21


Dafont - Fonts

W3 Schools - HTML/CSS Coding

Quackit - JAVA Coding

Celestial Star - Adobe Photoshop Brushes

MiniTokyo - Images

Mocko Fun - Text Manipulation/Banner Maker